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Our webinar schedule for 2020 will be displayed here. Please check back soon for more information.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar! It felt great having it early on Saturday as I wasn’t tired from a day’s work, and I could reflect on it throughout the day!"



ECE webinar: Authentically designing a curriculum aligned to local context

A discuss about the elements involved in setting up a local curriculum and look at ways to work with Te Whāriki (2017) to make this happen authentically

ECE webinar: Young children and digital technologies

Professors Suzy Edwards and Leon Straker discuss their Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies, including current research and practice-advice for educators and families.

ECE webinar: Executive function and supporting positive behavior

Dr Megan McClelland and Dr Shauna Tominey discuss executive function – the skills that help us to plan, focus, regulate our behavior, remember instructions and complete tasks.

ECE webinar: Supporting children with autism

Dr Hannah Waddington (Victoria University of Wellington) and PhD student Jessica Tupou discuss strategies and practical techniques for supporting children with autism in an early childhood setting.

ECE webinar: Intentional teaching – engaging in sustained shared thinking with children

Sue Cherrington and Tara McLauglin discuss how ECE teachers can be intentional in their teaching, with a particular focus on the concept of sustained shared thinking.

Supporting the socio and emotional competence of infants and toddlers by Linda Clarke

Dr Karyn Aspen and Linda Clarke from Massey University discuss their research into the teaching practices that support social-emotional competence of infants and toddlers.

ECE webinar: Superdiversity

Angel Chan and Jenny Ritchie in conversation with Vicki Hargraves about understanding and responding to superdiversity in ECE settings.

Talking Matters: What teachers need to know about language and responsive relationships

Emma Quigan from Talking Matters talks about what they have learned from their research with mothers and their children about babies’ exposure to language.

ECE webinar and podcast with Alison Sutton from Talking Matters

Alison Sutton from Talking Matters talks to Vicki Hargraves about the importance of early language to lifelong learning.

ECE webinar and podcast: Infants and toddlers

Jean Rockel and Lorraine Manuela in conversation with Vicki Hargraves, discussing infant and toddler education and care