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Set yourself up for success as a leader

This series of courses has been designed to support both current and aspiring early childhood leaders to strengthen their leadership skills and build their capacity to lead teams, and to undertake improvement journeys in their contexts of practice. Through multimedia resources and carefully designed exercises, you will gain insight into yourself as a leader and different styles of leadership and learn how to tap into your own strengths and those of people around you to lead with integrity, confidence, and vision.

The courses have been designed to facilitate participants to undertake a coherent leadership journey, with each course building on the learning of the previous course. However, it is also possible to take individual courses. You will start each course as part of a cohort at specific times during 2024-25.

Each course includes membership of a Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Each course in our Leadership series offers the opportunity to join a Leaders’ Professional Learning Community (PLC). The PLCs are designed to deepen your learning and enhance your experience of the course by providing opportunities to engage with and learn alongside other leaders in a small-group setting. They involve four online meetings with the other members of the PLC and four text-based discussions for sharing ideas. Each week a different person in the PLC will take the lead in facilitating the group, with guidance provided for this.

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What you’ll learn by taking these courses

Each course is divided into a number of parts, with each part designed to take about a week to work through, although participants are free to work at their own pace.

Leadership 1: Leading Authentically   

This course focuses on leaders as individuals and helps you to learn about a repertoire of leadership styles identified in research to creatively tailor a leadership style for your own contexts, people, and purposes. You will be supported to develop a philosophy for your personal leadership, to determine the kind of leader you want to be and the values that are important to you, and then to cultivate a set of actions and behaviours which help you to realise this leadership in practice.


Leadership 2: Leading People & Teams   

Leading people and teams lies at the core of leadership, and the ability of leaders to effectively communicate, engage, support, and empower those around them is critical. This course explores a range of techniques that leaders can use to grow excellence in people and teams, including how to productively approach conflict and engage in challenging conversations.


Leadership 3: Leading Partnerships & Collaborations   

Early childhood leaders must work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including other educators, management, parents and whānau, support services, primary schools and community groups. This course explores the range of collaborations and partnerships in which early childhood leaders are engaged and how these can be strengthened and supported to enhance teaching and leadership practice.


Leadership 4: Leading Curriculum, Pedagogy & Innovation  

This course explores leadership practices for strategy development and improvement journeys in early childhood settings. Participants will explore what it means to be the leader of curriculum and pedagogy in their centre, and will build the knowledge and practical skillset to be able to do this effectively. A particular focus will be on the high impact activities that contribute to improvement in early childhood practice and pedagogy, and the consideration of how these connect to the unique context of a leader’s own environment.


Leadership 5: Leading Improvement  

This course offers a unique exploration of strategic approaches to leadership and models for improvement, and focuses on leading inquiry and building professional learning communities. Participants will be supported to understand the important features of leading change and improvement, and successfully implement a change and improvement process in one’s own centre.


Time commitment

Allow 8-10 weeks, 60 minutes per week, plus putting your learning into practice in your own work context

Flexible engagement

With course content available 24-7 and no cut-off date, you can choose when to engage with the learning materials

Collaborative PLC

Learn from and with other course participants in weekly small-group sessions

Multimodal learning

A rich mix of interviews, readings, video case-studies, reflections, and practical activities


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Enrolment instructions

1. Select your enrolment requirements below carefully, especially if you are enrolling a group. 
2. You can choose to pay via invoice or by credit card.
3. Once enrolled, you’ll find the course on your Account page. You will also receive an email welcoming you to the course.

Group enrolments

Enrolling as a group offers you great savings, and enables teachers to share their learning journeys and centres to collectively make changes in their practice based on their learning. Each teacher receives their own log in, linked to their email address, and can complete the course in their own time, on their own computer or tablet.


  • 1 teacher: NZ$330.00
  • 2-10 teachers: SAVE 15% (NZ$280.50pp)
  • 11-25 teachers: SAVE 20% (NZ$264.00pp)
  • 26+ teachers: SAVE 25% (NZ$247.50pp)
  • Please note: Prices are subject to 15% GST (local sales tax). Discounts only apply to group enrolments made in one transaction, and cannot be applied retrospectively if your group size increases.

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  • Group savings of 15-25%
  • Lifetime access* to 5 courses
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Prices shown are per person, and are subject to GST (local sales tax) of 15%. * Lifetime access means for as long as the course is hosted on The Education Hub

Keeping our courses affordable

The Education Hub wants as many teachers as possible to be able to take our courses and benefit from the high quality professional learning they offer. Therefore, we are committed to keeping course fees as low as possible. It is through the support of our ever-generous supporters that we can produce such rich, multimodal learning opportunities while offering participants significant subsidies.

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Please note, all our courses are best completed on a desktop/laptop computer or tablet. Because of the amount of content, we do not recommend using a phone. 
* Group discounts apply to the full price, and can only be applied in one transaction, not retrospectively, or on the addition of more enrolments. ** Our standard terms and conditions are available here

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