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Culturally responsive pedagogy in ECE

An overview of the research on culturally responsive pedagogy in ECE settings.

Principles for culturally responsive teaching in early childhood education

A closer look at the key principles underlying culturally responsive teaching in ECE settings.

How to support Māori children with culturally responsive teaching

Strategies for effectively supporting Maori children and whanau as Maori in ECE settings.

How to avoid a tokenistic or ‘tourism’ approach to diversity

How to ensure that your approach to culturally responsive practice is genuine rather than tokenistic.

How to support recently immigrated children and families with culturally responsive practice

Strategies specifically designed to help you work with children and families who are recent immigrants to New Zealand.

Understanding the families you work with: Reflective questions to uncover cultural differences

A set of useful questions to help you notice and understand the beliefs, values and practices of diverse families.



ECE webinar: Superdiversity

Angel Chan and Jenny Ritchie in conversation with Vicki Hargraves about understanding and responding to superdiversity in ECE settings.

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