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An introduction to social emotional learning

What is social emotional learning, why it is important and how to integrate it into teaching and learning in schools.

Why teach skills for learning?

Key non-cognitive skills and why they are important to learning.


Social emotional learning infographic

What you need to know to embed SEL in your school culture

Learning Skills infographic

Some key non-cognitive skills and strategies for supporting them in the classroom.


Schools webinar: Social-emotional learning – what schools need to know

Claire Chuter, from John Hopkins University in the USA explores the different mindsets, skills and competencies SEL incorporates, why it is important, and how it can be integrated into teaching and learning.


A brief introduction to social emotional learning

A brief introduction to what social emotional learning is and why it's important

"One of the things that is really good is the summaries of each topic... there's no excuse not to keep up with professional readings."

Terry, teacher



Developing a more nuanced understanding of social emotional learning and its role in schools

Key things for teachers and schools to think about when exploring social emotional learning