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Why variability matters when considering curriculum design and instructional materials

The variable nature of curriculum design in New Zealand schools.

The Challenge of Curriculum

The limited research about what makes an effective curriculum.

The impetus for the curriculum report

Why looking at curriculum design in schools is so important.

Beyond “what works” pedagogy; In defence of the scholarly lecture

The role the lecture can play in supporting new thinking in education

How well are New Zealand’s neurodivergent young people served by our education system?

Why The Education Hub is undertaking a report on how well the system supports neurodivergent students.

What is the place of the key competencies in New Zealand’s curriculum?

Why key competencies need to be integrated with content knowledge

Free webinars

Educational technology and inequality

This webinar will explore trends, issues, and possibilities related to the role of technology in education, with particular focus on the continuing digital inequalities that exist and the social and educational implications of these disparities

Deeper learning

Professor Jal Mehta (Harvard University) will discuss what he means by the term deeper learning, why it is important, and what it can look like in different school contexts


Curriculum design in schools report webinar

Panel Discussion Webinar: • Associate Professor Bronwyn Wood • Pauline Waiti• Barbara Ala’alatoa • Christine Parkinson • Seth Davies September 5, 2023 On September 4, The Education Hub released a new research...

Variable in/by design

This special report from The Education Hub reveals how teachers are designing and implementing the curriculum in New Zealand schools

Survey: Neurodiversity research project

Calling for teacher, student, parents and support service perspectives: The Education Hub is undertaking a research project to explore how well New Zealand’s education system is set up to support our neurodivergent students

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