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Teaching as Inquiry Workbook

A workbook that takes teachers through each step of the Teaching as Inquiry process.

Using student voice for assessment and inquiry

How teachers and schools can utilise student voice to support assessment and inquiry

Student voice collection tool

A tool to support teachers and schools to think about how well they currently are supporting their students and their learning and to identify areas for improvement


"Your work is valuable and education is lucky to have your insight, knowledge and courage to try something new. I have found the research that you put up on The Education Hub very interesting. It is generating a lot of discussion and thought in our staffroom."

Suzanne, Year 3-4 teacher



A whole school approach to teaching as inquiry

Alison Taylor, Deputy Principal at Pakuranga College, discusses the six-year journey her school has been on to embed teaching as inquiry into the practice and mindset of teachers and the change in culture she has observed as teachers become more open to change and talking about their learning

Onehunga High School’s journey to use evidence

Principal Deidre Shea and Associate Principal Gareth Leadbeater explain how Onehunga High School has shown powerful improvements in student progress as a result of getting better at collecting and learning from data over the last four years

Student voice for relationship building, identifying gaps, and modifying teaching practice

Heath, a Year 2/3 teacher at Stonefields School, uses student voice across a range of learning areas to help him to gain a better understanding of how engaged his students are in their learning, to modify his practice, and to build relationships with his students

Advice for teachers wanting to engage with teaching as inquiry by Professor Graeme Aitken

Professor Graeme Aitken, one of the people behind the teaching as inquiry model in the New Zealand Curriculum, shares some advice for teachers engaging in Teaching as Inquiry.

8 tips for using data and evidence in schools by Dr Aaron Wilson

Dr Aaron Wilson shares some key principles for using data to inform teaching and learning.

How to undertake Teaching as Inquiry

A step-by-step guide to undertaking Teaching as Inquiry.