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Creating a positive social and emotional climate

A range of strategies to help ECE teachers build a positive and enriching social and emotional climate in their settings.

What is social and emotional competence?

An introduction to the concept of social and emotional competence and why it is so important for children’s learning, development and wellbeing.

Supporting children’s emotional learning in early childhood

The importance of emotional knowledge and wellbeing, and how teachers can support it in ECE.

Scaffolding social skills in early childhood

A range of strategies to help teachers build and develop children’s social competence in ECE.



ECE webinar: Promoting children’s social-emotional learning and development

Exploring different resources, tools, and professional learning processes to support teachers to promote children’s social-emotional learning

"Early childhood perspectives are often overlooked in educational resource provision – it's fantastic to have our own information, which will help us cater for very young learners."

Gemma B, pre-school educator



Supporting the social emotional competence of infants and toddlers

Key insights from the webinar with Karyn Aspden and Linda Clarke on how ECE teachers can build children’s social and emotional competence.

A brief overview of how to improve children’s social and emotional learning in your setting

The key ideas from our webinar with Dr Tara McLaughlin and Karen MacKay on social-emotional learning