Indoor spaces

Indoor spaces

Topic summary

Research reviews

Designing indoor spaces for living and learning in early childhood education

A guide to some key considerations when designing and adapting indoor spaces in early childhood settings.


The effective design of early childhood spaces

Multi-award-winning architect Phil Smith and hugely experienced ECE leader Jacqui Lees will explore ways that teachers can use the language of space to promote and encourage learning, creativity, movement, exploration, and social emotional wellbeing


Indoor Spaces

Things to consider when designing indoor spaces in early childhood centres.


Key ideas for designing early childhood environments

Insights from our webinar with architect Phil Smith and early childhood leader Jacqui Lees.

Intentionally designed environments

The deliberate design of spaces affords a range of curriculum opportunities.

The purposeful design of indoor space

Using the language of space to invite children to play, engage, and create in a range of ways.
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