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Materials for play: Infants and toddlers

A short guide to using loose parts to enrich the play of infants and toddlers.

Materials for play: A short guide to selecting loose parts

How to choose loose parts to afford a wide range of possibilities for play and exploration.

Materials for play: Why open-ended loose parts are important

An overview of the research on loose parts and their known and theorised benefits, and how to inquire into and improve on your loose parts provision.

Outdoor play and why it’s important

An overview of the research on outdoor play and its many benefits and affordances for children’s learning, development and wellbeing.

How can I help children make the most out of outdoor play?

Strategies to help teachers in ECE settings support and promote children’s outdoor play and make the most of the many affordances of outdoor play, risky play and play in natural settings.

What is play and why is it important for learning?

An overview of the research on the importance of play for learning and development.

How to integrate play and teaching in early childhood education

A guide to incorporating different kinds of play in early childhood settings.

Supporting specific competencies through play

How to use play pedagogies to support the development of specific competencies in children in early childhood settings.



ECE webinar: The importance of outdoor play and how to design outdoor spaces in ECE

A discussion on the importance of outdoor play for children's development and how to design outdoor spaces.

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Louise L, kindy teacher



The power of outdoor play for children

Why outdoor play is so beneficial for children and how to incorporate risky play in ECE