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Supporting early literacy in early childhood education

An introduction to early or emergent literacy and how ECE teachers can support its development in young children.

Strategies for supporting children’s communication in educational settings

A set of strategies that teachers can use to support and promote the development of children's communication in the early years.

Communication in the early years: An introduction

An introduction to communication in the early years and why it is so important.

Why you must talk to infants and toddlers

Why it is so important to talk to very young children, and specific strategies to use when communicating with infants and toddlers.



Talking Matters: What teachers need to know about language and responsive relationships

Emma Quigan from Talking Matters talks about what they have learned from their research with mothers and their children about babies’ exposure to language.

ECE webinar and podcast with Alison Sutton from Talking Matters

Alison Sutton from Talking Matters talks to Vicki Hargraves about the importance of early language to lifelong learning.

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How observation supports both ‘respectful practice’ and the creation of a rich language environment

Tina Tacken, leader or the infant and toddler space at the AUT Childcare Centre, discusses how she balances Magda Gerber’s concept of respectful practice with the need to develop a rich language environment