Parent & whanau relationships in ECE

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Topic summary


What is parent partnership and why is it important?

A brief overview of the research on parent partnership in ECE.

Principles for Parent Partnerships: A four-step approach

Four key principles from the research on building parent partnership in ECE.

Ideas and activities for promoting partnership in early childhood settings

A set of practical strategies that can be used to develop partnerships with parents and whanau in ECE.

Principles for culturally responsive teaching in early childhood education

A closer look at the key principles underlying culturally responsive teaching in ECE settings.

Understanding the families you work with: Reflective questions to uncover cultural differences

A set of useful questions to help you notice and understand the beliefs, values and practices of diverse families.

How to support recently immigrated children and families with culturally responsive practice

Strategies specifically designed to help you work with children and families who are recent immigrants to New Zealand.

How to support Māori children with culturally responsive teaching

Strategies for effectively supporting Maori children and whanau as Maori in ECE settings.



"Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. I think that learning from each other's experiences is really helpful, so we can all move forwards together."

Bridget L, kindergarten educator