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Intentional teaching

The research and principles underpinning intentional teaching in ECE.

Strategies for intentional teaching and when you might use them

Practical ideas for teachers wanting to implement intentional teaching principles.



ECE webinar: Intentional teaching and investigations; Daisies part two

Discover and learn about intentional teaching through the investigation process. Hear examples of investigations at Daisies, and what helped them flow

ECE webinar: Intentional teaching – engaging in sustained shared thinking with children

Sue Cherrington and Tara McLauglin discuss how ECE teachers can be intentional in their teaching, with a particular focus on the concept of sustained shared thinking.

"I've been looking for an easy-to-use resource like this for ages. Thank you for providing it – keep up the good work."

Jessica, pre-school educator



Intentional teaching using the practice of sustained shared thinking

Key insights from the webinar with Associate Professor Sue Cherrington and Dr Tara McLaughlin

Intentional teaching and investigations

Key lessons from Anne Meade and Meg Kwan on designing an authentic, local curriculum