Early literacy

Early literacy

Topic summary

Research reviews

An introduction to supporting early literacy

An introduction to early or emergent literacy and how early childhood teachers can support its development in young children.

Fostering early literacy in early childhood settings: principles, practices, and progression

An introduction to the research on supporting and promoting early literacy in early childhood settings, along with strategies for practice.

The role of stories in literacy development

The importance of stories for literacy and identity, and the many ways to share stories in early childhood education.

Embodied literacies in early childhood environments

An introduction to the various embodied and nonverbal modes that young children use to communicate.


Fostering literacy in early years settings

Claire McLachlan from Federation University Australia explores how literacy can be fostered in early childhood settings.


Supporting print awareness in early childhood environments

Strategies for promoting awareness of print in early childhood education.

Supporting phonological awareness during everyday play and conversations

How to support phonological awareness in early childhood settings.

Early literacy infographic

The building blocks of early literacy and how teachers can support its development.


Early literacy tools for infants and toddlers

Intentional strategies for supporting infants’ early engagement with literacy.

The essential skills and understandings children need for lifelong literacy success

Key insights from our webinar with Professor Claire McLachlan.
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