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The Education Hub has a broad perspective on what counts as evidence. When developing our resources, we draw on both New Zealand and international research, and evidence from practice, provided it meets our standards of rigour. 

We do not believe that evidence, either from research or practice, can tell teachers or leaders exactly what to do. Rather, we believe that evidence can be used in various ways to support both day-to-day decision-making, as well as longer term strategic thinking. 

Our resources aim to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all young people by:

Deepening educators’ knowledge

and helping them to stay up-to-date with new research and ideas

Inspiring discussion

and informing improvement journeys

Supporting educators

to prioritise action by identifying high-leverage strategies and effective practices

Revitalising teaching

by positioning it as a learning and learned profession

Our resources offer flexible and multimedia learning opportunities

Our resources are designed to be used in a variety ways by teachers of all levels of experience. Teachers can engage with the learning opportunities either as individuals, as part of a group of teachers, or as a whole school or early childhood centre. 
Our resources include written, visual, audio, and video content, and allow teachers to choose from summarised information through to more in-depth explorations.

All topics feature:

Topic summary
A high-level summary of the topic and the state of the evidence

Research reviews
A deeper dive into the available research, including the practical implications of specific ideas and topics

Some topics also feature:

Engaging conversations with experts on a wide range of topics
Short overviews of specific areas or practices
Online courses
Guided learning in a particular area and support to make changes in practice
Easy-to-understand visually-led introductions to topics, which can be easily printed and shared
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