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This online course is designed to help early childhood teachers and leaders understand the different elements of social and emotional competence, including social skills, emotion knowledge, and self-regulation. It includes a special focus on supporting neurodivergent children, and takes a close look at understanding children’s challenging behaviours.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of social and emotional competence to children’s learning and wellbeing in early childhood and throughout life. 
  • Learn about strategies and approaches for supporting the development of social and emotional competence in early childhood settings.

Interviews with

  • Professor Sir Peter Gluckman
  • Associate Professor Dione Healey
  • Dr Jessica Tupou
  • Karen MacKay
  • Alexandra Winlove, clinical psychologist

Case studies of practice

  • Flatbush Kindergarten
  • Lifewise ECE
  • The Rumpus Room
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Time commitment

Allow 8-10 weeks, 60 minutes per week, plus putting your learning into practice in your own work context

Flexible engagement

With course content available 24-7 and no cut-off date, you can choose when to engage with the learning materials

Multimodal learning

A rich mix of interviews, readings, video case-studies, reflections, and practical activities

What you’ll learn

What is social and emotional competence?  

This first part of the course introduces and unpacks the concept of social and emotional competence into its various components, while considering how they are interlinked and the part they play in children’s wider learning across the lifespan.

Positive social and emotional climates 

Explores how a positive climate contributes to children’s sense of wellbeing, and provides the confidence, safety, and security children need in order to grow further social and emotional competencies, as well as strategies for evaluating and enhancing your setting’s climate.

Learning about and managing emotions  

Details the emotion knowledge children need to learn in order to be emotionally competent and pedagogies for teaching about emotions, including information on how to support children who experience intense emotions.

Social competence  

Explores how direct and intentional teaching can scaffold children’s social skills as well as examining peer conflicts and considering how these might be used as a context for learning social skills.

Developing self-regulation and executive function  

Describes the different components of executive function and their relation to social and emotional competence as well as a range of simple strategies and games for enhancing children’s executive function, some of which are illustrated by teachers in case study early childhood settings.

Neurodivergence and social emotional competence  

Explores neurodivergent children’s particular strengths and needs in regard to developing social and emotional knowledge and skills and considers specific strategies that may support neurodivergent children’s social and emotional competence.

Challenging behaviour and social emotional skills  

Focuses on so-called challenging behaviours and offers a set of supports and actions that can be put together to provide individualised and tailored support for the children having most difficulty developing social and emotional competence.

Bringing your learning together  

The last part of the course integrates learning from different parts of the course to develop a comprehensive programme for children’s social and emotional learning and to plan some next steps following your participation in this course.


Social Emotional Competence course


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