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12 initial ideas for teachers and schools to consider when planning for remote learning

As the probability of wide-scale school closures becomes increasingly likely, we provide some useful ideas about distance learning for teachers and schools to consider.

Advice for teachers on looking after your wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown

When working in a new way, it is vital that teachers look after their own wellbeing.

An introduction to the principles of home-based learning

A quick overview of some of the fundamental principles of home-based learning.

High-level guidance for teachers when teaching online

9 recommendations to guide teachers as they transition to online remote teaching.

How teachers can support student engagement in online learning

How teachers can develop the conditions and practices online to support student engagement.

The importance of play for wellbeing and learning at all ages

An introduction to the different types of play and their extensive benefits for children’s emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.

Matching technology to your learning objectives when teaching remotely

When designing online learning for students to complete at home, it’s important to select the right technological solution for what you are trying to achieve.

Motivating students to learn remotely: Emphasising social norms

Emphasising social norms is a powerful strategy for teachers looking to encourage students to engage with remote learning opportunities

Motivating students to learn remotely: Seven key ideas

Seven strategies that teachers can use to motivate students to learn remotely

Motivating students to work remotely through effective planning

Four specific things teachers can do to help students to overcome barriers to completing particular tasks or assignments

The importance of forming habits for improving student engagement and motivation

Helping students to form good habits is critical to supporting independent learning


Learning at home: A visual scheduling tool for children with autism spectrum disorder

A visual scheduling tool designed to help parents of children with ASD support their learning and wellbeing while on lockdown.

Learning at home: Engaging with parents

Practical advice on how to engage with parents during school closure and the key information to communicate.

Learning at home: The importance of self-regulation and how to promote it

A step-by-step approach for teachers to help develop their students’ self-regulation skills for distance learning.

Lessons from lockdown: initial questions and considerations for schools and education

What are the ideas, lessons and opportunities for schools and education emerging from this lock down period?

Principles of home-based learning for teachers

How to use the principles of home-based learning to plan teaching and learning during school closures.

Research-backed strategies to help you learn

A set of six straightforward strategies that have been proven by research to help students learn more effectively.

The importance of play for wellbeing and learning at all ages

An introduction to the different types of play and their extensive benefits for children’s emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.

Top tips for studying independently

Some practical and easy-to-implement tips that students can use to help them develop more effective study habits.

Feeding the birds

SCIENCE: An ideal activity for home-based learning that focuses on the diet and habit of birds.

Find my plant

A fun game to play while out exploring nature that will really get your child observing!

Flower artists

SCIENCE: An activity that encourages examining and learning more about flowers

Games from around the world

Students in other countries: An activity that explores cultures and traditions from around the world by looking at the games people play.

International holidays

An activity that explores different cultures, customs and traditions by looking at the many holidays celebrated around the world.

Resources to support learning in key curriculum areas

Links to a number of websites with resources in different curriculum areas.

Soil stories – separating soil and estimating soil texture

SCIENCE: An activity that explores natural features and resources through an examination of the composition of soil.

STEM Online NZ

A free, interactive teaching and learning resource for NCEA external achievement standards in mathematics and physics.



Learning from Lockdown

Learning from Lockdown report
The Education Hub’s exclusive research uncovers the experiences of teachers, students and parents while learning at home during school closures.


Schools webinar: Supporting the wellbeing of teachers, students and parents

Clinical psychologist and Parentland co-founder Dr Natalie Flynn discussed the research behind the importance of supporting wellbeing right now, as well as practical strategies to support mental health.

Schools webinar: Supporting student motivation and engagement when learning from home

Harry Fletcher-Wood discusses the research on motivation and engagement as well as practical techniques teachers and school leaders can use to increase student engagement.

Schools webinar: Learning from lockdown – the voices of parents of Māori and Pasifika students

Authors of the report School-led learning at home: The voices of parents of Maori and Pasifika students will discuss the value of parent voice and some of the key findings of their recent research

Schools webinar: Practical advice for approaching online learning in primary schools

Learn how one primary school has structured their online and distance learning, including their approach to pedagogy, the curriculum, and wellbeing, as well as their daily schedule and use of technology

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