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Topic summary

Research reviews

How to support positive food environments in early childhood settings

An introduction to practices that support children to develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

Supporting social and emotional competence for autistic children

Understanding the social and emotional strengths and needs of autistic children.

Social justice in early childhood education

An introduction to enacting the principles of social justice in early childhood settings.

Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance

An introduction to a rare but distinct form of autism.

Digital technologies in early childhood education

An introduction to the research on digital technologies and their impact on children’s learning, development and wellbeing.


Kotahitanga: Working together as a collective

How effective teams work together and support each other.

Writing in a digital age

Professor Emerita Naomi Baron from American University returned to talk about the research into digital technologies and writing, and to share insights from her newest book

Autism and culturally responsive practice

Dr Jessica Tupou (Victoria University Wellington) will share insights from her ongoing research into supporting autistic children and the importance of taking a culturally responsive approach

Understanding emotional regulation and dysregulation

International expert Dr Tracy Stewart will explore what is meant by emotional regulation and dysregulation, and discuss practical strategies that teachers can use to support the positive development of their students’ emotion regulation skills

Q+A with Dr Vicki Hargraves

Your chance to tap into the huge expertise of Dr Vicki Hargraves and to ask her questions you have about research and practice in early childhood education


Outdoor spaces

Things to consider when designing indoor spaces in early childhood centres.

Indoor Spaces

Things to consider when designing indoor spaces in early childhood centres.

Movement and Learning in Early Childhood Education infographic

The importance of movement and learning in early childhood education.

Visual Arts infographic

How children use visual arts and how teachers can help.

Supporting Early Maths infographic

How to support early mathematical thinking.


The value of educational tests

Key ideas from the webinar with Professor Gavin Brown on how teachers can use tests to inform teaching and learning.

Early literacy tools for infants and toddlers

Intentional strategies for supporting infants’ early engagement with literacy.

The role of documentation at Kids’ Domain

How one team approaches the documentation of children’s learning.

When a new child starts at Kids’ Domain

A team-based approach to settling a new child into the centre.

Local curriculum and learning outside the centre

How venturing outside the centre builds children’s sense of belonging in their community.
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