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Topic summary

Research reviews

The role of pattern in children’s early mathematical understanding

How noticing and learning about patterns contributes to children's developing mathematical understanding.

How to support positive food environments in early childhood settings

An introduction to practices that support children to develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

Understanding the families you work with: Reflective questions to uncover cultural differences

A set of useful questions to help you notice and understand the beliefs, values and practices of diverse families.

Principles for culturally responsive teaching in early childhood education

A closer look at the key principles underlying culturally responsive teaching in early childhood settings.

How to use a superdiversity approach to work with migrant families in early childhood care and education settings

Understanding superdiversity and what it means in early childhood settings.


Representations of children in social media

Thursday May 117.30PM (NZST) Watch Dr Madeleine Dobson (Curtin University, Australia) discuss her research into the representation of children on social media with Dr Vicki...

Principles of quality teaching and school leadership

Professor Rob Coe discusses his work developing the Great Teaching Toolkit, an evidence-based curriculum for teacher learning, plus tools and instruments to provide feedback for professional development

Understanding your students’ socio-emotional learning

Tuesday April 47.30PM (NZST) Watch Dr Heidi Leeson (Monocle Education) discuss social-emotional learning (SEL) and share her latest research on the most impactful areas of...

Children’s voices in early childhood curriculum

Professor Marek Tesar (University of Auckland) and Dr Vicki Hargraves discuss the importance of incorporating children’s voices in to curriculum design and implementation in early childhood settings.

Making learning stick with retrieval practice

Kate Jones tells us about how to make learning stick, focusing on the benefits of retrieval practice and practical ideas for teachers to ensure classroom practice is based on relevant research evidence


Curriculum design in early childhood education infographic

Tips for building an effective curriculum.

Social and emotional competence

Social emotional competence and how to support it in early childhood settings.

Supporting print awareness in early childhood environments

Strategies for promoting awareness of print in early childhood education.

Supporting phonological awareness during everyday play and conversations

How to support phonological awareness in early childhood settings.

Supporting and assessing early communication infographic

Key strategies for promoting the development of children's oral language and communication.


The vital role of schools and teachers in helping communities respond to disasters

The key insights from our webinar with Carol Mutch on schools' responses to disasters and traumatic events

Representations of children in social media

The key insights from our webinar with Madeleine Dobson on the way children are represented on social media platforms and the importance of considering children's rights and perspectives.

Understanding and measuring students’ social-emotional learning

The key insights from our webinar with Dr Heidi Leeson on the importance of social-emotional learning for academic achievement.

What are the differences between social-emotional learning and key competencies?

Dr Heidi Leeson of Monocle Education offers her perspective on the relationship between social-emotional learning and the key competencies

Survey: Neurodiversity research project

Calling for teacher, student, parents and support service perspectives: The Education Hub is undertaking a research project to explore how well New Zealand’s education system is set up to support our neurodivergent students
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