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Topic summary

Research reviews

Culturally responsive pedagogy in early childhood education

An overview of the research on culturally responsive pedagogy in early childhood settings.

Principles for culturally responsive teaching in early childhood education

A closer look at the key principles underlying culturally responsive teaching in early childhood settings.

How to support Māori children with culturally responsive teaching

Strategies for effectively supporting Māori children and whānau as Māori in early childhood settings.

How to use a superdiversity approach to work with migrant families in early childhood care and education settings

Understanding superdiversity and what it means in early childhood settings.

How to support recently immigrated children and families with culturally responsive practice

Strategies specifically designed to help you work with children and families who are recent immigrants to New Zealand.

Understanding the families you work with: Reflective questions to uncover cultural differences

A set of useful questions to help you notice and understand the beliefs, values and practices of diverse families.

How to avoid a tokenistic or ‘tourism’ approach to diversity

How to ensure that your approach to culturally responsive practice is genuine rather than tokenistic.

The role of pattern in children’s early mathematical understanding

How noticing and learning about patterns contributes to children's developing mathematical understanding.

Culturally responsive mathematics teaching in early childhood education

The importance of culture in children's early maths learning.

Strategies for talking with young children about growth mindsets

Strategies for talking to young children about developing and holding a growth mindset.

Supporting mathematical learning through language

How using mathematical language in early childhood education supports young children's understanding of mathematical concepts.

Kaupapa Māori and leadership in early childhood education

An introduction to the key principles of kaupapa Māori leadership and their implications for early childhood settings.

How to support positive food environments in early childhood settings

An introduction to practices that support children to develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

Supporting social and emotional competence for autistic children

Understanding the social and emotional strengths and needs of autistic children.

Social justice in early childhood education

An introduction to enacting the principles of social justice in early childhood settings.

Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance

An introduction to a rare but distinct form of autism.


Free webinar: Māori achieving success as Māori part 2

Janelle Riki-Waaka returns to help educators to positively challenge their existing beliefs and perceptions about te ao Māori, and to build deeper understanding of the best ways to work alongside Māori and enact our responsibilities to te Tiriti o Waitangi

Establishing positive educational trajectories in early childhood education

Professor Claire McLachlan and colleagues share their project exploring how early childhood settings can inspire positive educational trajectories among young children

Understanding emotional regulation and dysregulation

Dr Tracy Stewart explores what is meant by emotional regulation and discuss practical strategies that teachers can use to support emotion regulation skills in the classroom. She will also discuss her new, not yet published, research, in which she is working together with teachers to co-develop emotion regulation skills that are embedded directly into classroom practice.

Autism and culturally responsive practice

Dr Jessica Tupou (Victoria University Wellington) will share insights from her ongoing research into supporting autistic children and the importance of taking a culturally responsive approach

Supporting the transition to school

This webinar with Dr Jennifer Neill will offer valuable insights and practical strategies to ensure a child’s transition from early childhood education to school is as smooth and positive as possible


Outdoor spaces

Things to consider when designing indoor spaces in early childhood centres.

Indoor Spaces

Things to consider when designing indoor spaces in early childhood centres.

Movement and Learning in Early Childhood Education infographic

The importance of movement and learning in early childhood education.

Visual Arts infographic

How children use visual arts and how teachers can help.

Supporting Early Maths infographic

How to support early mathematical thinking.


How to support effective emotion regulation in schools and classrooms

Key insights from the webinar with Dr Tracy Stewart.

The importance of belonging and connection to student mental health

Key insights from the webinar with clinical psychologist Dr Jess Stubbing on supporting students' mental health and wellbeing.

Improving literacy across a Community of Learning

Key insights from the webinar with the leaders of the Pupuke Kahui Āko.

What teachers need to know about digital reading

The key insights from our webinar with Professor Naomi Baron on the research into reading print versus digital texts.

Preventive mental health: An impactful and practical approach for schools

An introduction to a new approach to supporting students' mental health within learning programmes.
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