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Assessment for Learning

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Topic summary

Research reviews

5 steps to implementing Assessment for Learning

A series of steps designed to help you implement Assessment for Learning in your classroom.

Q&A with Assessment for Learning expert, Associate Professor Mary Hill

Associate Professor Mary Hill answers your questions about Assessment for Learning.

How to transform teaching through Assessment for Learning

The key principles of Assessment for Learning and strategies for classroom implementation.

QUIZ: How assessment-capable are you?

A checklist to help teachers evaluate how they implement and use assessment to inform teaching and learning.

11 strategies for developing assessment-capable students

A systematic look at a series of strategies designed to boost the assessment capability of students.

8 AfL practices that motivate students

A set of Assessment for Learning strategies designed to motivate students.

A brief introduction to Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning at a glance.


In consideration of educational tests: evil, necessary, or beneficial?

Monday August 28 Tests have a reputation for creating anxiety, not being accurate about what students actually know or can do, or for being unfair...

EBE information webinar: Assessment Lead and Science of Learning Programmes

View this online session with Professor Stuart Kime and current participants to learn more about the Assessment Lead and Science of Learning year-long programmes


Assessment for Learning strategies

A visual overview of the key Assessment for Learning strategies to implement in your classroom


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