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Common mistakes in using data for inquiry and improvement

A brief introduction to some of the routine mistakes made when gathering and analysing data, and how to avoid them.

Using data for inquiry and improvement

General principles and guidelines for gathering and analysing data and using the findings to inform decision-making and improve practice.



"Your work is valuable and education is lucky to have your insight, knowledge and courage to try something new. I have found the research that you put up on The Education Hub very interesting. It is generating a lot of discussion and thought in our staffroom."

Suzanne, Year 3-4 teacher



Deprivatising data; one school’s journey to use data more effectively in Years 0 to 6

Julie Gifkins, Head of Junior School at St Cuthbert’s College, discusses the journey her teachers have been on over the past 4 years to use data and evidence more effectively to inform their practice and identify areas they need to improve


Using survey findings to inform practice by Associate Professor Hunter Gehlbach

Associate Professor Hunter Gehlbach discusses how we can use survey findings to inform practice.