Topic summary

Research reviews

Teaching and learning mathematics at primary school

Why maths is so important, and how to choose effective approaches to teaching and learning.

Five research-derived themes to consider when teaching maths

Evidence-based approaches and strategies for teaching and learning maths.

Engaging and effective teaching and learning in secondary school mathematics and statistics

An introduction to effective and inspiring approaches to teaching mathematics and statistics at secondary school level.

Developing positive mathematics learner identities in secondary school

An introduction to the concept of mathematics learner identity and how positive maths identities can be promoted through effective teaching and learning


Culturally responsive mathematics education

Associate Professor Jodie Hunter (Massey University) shares insights from her extensive classroom-based research into the use of culturally responsive approaches to teaching and learning mathematics in primary school

Mathematics and statistics teaching at primary school

A discussion on the principles you can use to work out the form of your lessons, and mathematics and statistics programmes more broadly



How to take a culturally responsive approach to teaching mathematics in primary school

Key insights from the webinar with Professor Jodie Hunter on effective, culturally responsive maths teaching in primary school.

What to consider when designing mathematics programmes in primary school

A summary of the key insights from the webinar on primary school mathematics, with Fiona Ell and Lisa Darragh
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