Topic summary


Technology in education: What the research says

An overview of the research on the role of digital technology in education.

The role of technology in teaching reading, writing and maths

What the research says about using digital devices to teach reading, writing and maths.

iPads and tablets in the classroom

What to bear in mind when using iPads and tablets in the classroom

Social Media

Important considerations concerning the role of social media in teaching and learning


"Your work is valuable and education is lucky to have your insight, knowledge and courage to try something new. I have found the research that you put up on the Education Hub page very interesting. It is generating a lot of discussion and thought in our staffroom."

Suzanne, Year 3-4 teacher



What can the research evidence tell us about technology in education?

The importance of schools developing a critical stance towards educational technology

How observation supports both ‘respectful practice’ and the creation of a rich language environment

Tina Tacken, leader or the infant and toddler space at the AUT Childcare Centre, discusses how she balances Magda Gerber’s concept of respectful practice with the need to develop a rich language environment

Digital technologies and research

Some thoughts on technology both as a pedagogical tool and a curriculum subject