Topic summary

Research reviews

Technology in education: What the research says

An overview of the research on the role of digital technology in education.

The role of technology in teaching reading, writing and maths

What the research says about using digital devices to teach reading, writing and maths.

An introduction to the role of Artificial Intelligence in classrooms and schools

A guide to the latest developments in artificial intelligence and what they mean for teaching and learning.

iPads and tablets in the classroom

What to bear in mind when using iPads and tablets in the classroom

Social Media

Important considerations concerning the role of social media in teaching and learning


Determining the implications for education from the hype of AI

Dr Sarah Bickerton and Mandy Henk break down in plain language what the recent developments in AI are, what they may mean for education, and importantly, what some strategies might be that teachers and schools can use to engage effectively with AI.

Approaching online learning in primary schools

Learn how one primary school has structured their online and distance learning, including their approach to pedagogy, the curriculum, and wellbeing, as well as their daily schedule and use of technology



Understanding the capabilities and limitations of generative AI

Insights from the webinar with Mandy Henk and Sarah Bickerton on generative AI and its role in the classroom.

What can the research evidence tell us about technology in education?

The importance of schools developing a critical stance towards educational technology
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