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Principles of assessment

An introduction to the principles of assessment that underlie a ‘system that learns’, encompassing early childhood education, primary school and secondary school.

Pillars of sound educational assessment

An overview of the principles of validity, reliability and fairness that should underpin all educational assessment.



Schools webinar: Harnessing and enhancing assessment in schools

Professor Stuart Kime discusses the role of assessment in teaching and learning with a particular focus on practical strategies for how teachers can enhance their assessment practice and embed effective assessment into their day-to-day teaching.

"I LOVE your work. It is super useful as an AST in a large COL. The Education Hub is a springboard for my own self-driven PD and a good resource for the spectrum of needs in our Kahui Ako. Thank you for the epic work you do!"

Kerry B, Teacher



Harnessing and enhancing assessment in schools: key ideas from Professor Stuart Kime’s webinar

Key ideas on effective assessment practice in schools from Stuart Kime's webinar


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