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Topic summary


Motivation for struggling students

A set of strategies specifically geared towards motivating students who are struggling academically or grappling with new challenges.

How to support student autonomy and enhance motivation

An approach to enhancing student autonomy in order to boost their motivation and increase their engagement.

10 strategies that promote motivation

A set of practical strategies and instructional approaches to help motivate your students.

The role of motivation in learning

The different types of motivation, their importance for learning, and strategies designed to boost student motivation.


Motivation infographic

How can you support motivation in students to help them develop resilience, creativity and other key characteristics?


Schools webinar: Supporting student motivation and engagement when learning from home

Harry Fletcher-Wood discusses the research on motivation and engagement as well as practical techniques teachers and school leaders can use to increase student engagement.

Schools webinar: Social-emotional learning – what schools need to know

Claire Chuter, from John Hopkins University in the USA explores the different mindsets, skills and competencies SEL incorporates, why it is important, and how it can be integrated into teaching and learning.

"There is so much good information in this for teaching. It’s applicable for all ages. It’s so valuable I am devoting tonight’s staff meeting to read and discuss"

Mike, Year 7-8 teacher



The role of social connection, self-regulation and motivation in student achievement and wellbeing

Key insights from Claire Chuter on how to support and promote students’ social emotional learning.

Key principles from Harry Fletcher-Wood on motivation

Three key principles for supporting student motivation when they are learning remotely or working independently.