Trust survey for students

The following survey can help teachers determine students’ perceptions of their teacher’s ability to teach them and their confidence in their own ability to learn. As self-efficacy tends to be task or domain specific, it may be useful to use this survey in different subject areas.

1 – disagree      2 – mostly disagree      3 – mostly agree      4 – agree

  Student Trust Survey   1 2 3 4
1 Teachers are always ready to help.        
2 Teachers are easy to talk to at this school.        
3 Students learn a lot from teachers in this school.        
4 Students at this school can depend on teachers for help.        
5 Teachers at this school do a terrific job.        
6 Teachers at this school really listen to students.        
7 Teachers always do what they are supposed to do.        
8 Student are well cared for at this school.        
9 Teachers at this school are good at teaching.        
10 Teachers at this school are always honest with me.        

Adapted from ‘Students as Allies in Improving their Schools’