Teacher efficacy scale

Using Gibson and Dembo’s Teacher Efficacy Scale[i], how would you currently rank your teacher efficacy in the following areas of teaching and learning – low, average, or high?

Teacher efficacy scale

[i] Gibson, S., & Dembo, M. H. (1984). Teacher efficacy: A construct validation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 76(4), 569-582. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/0022-0663.76.4.569

By Helen Withy


Helen Withy

Helen Withy is a trained primary school teacher and recently has completed a Master of Education degree with First Class Honours, writing her dissertation on self-efficacy. Helen was school-wide Curriculum Leader for mathematics in her previous school and served as staff trustee on the School Board of Trustees. She is passionate about education and its importance in the growth and development of competent, confident and resilient young citizens who will contribute to making the ever-changing world around us a better place.