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Learning from lockdown – the voices of parents of Māori and Pasifika students

What can we learn from this period of school closures? Authors of the report School-led learning at home: The voices of parents of Maori and Pasifika students, Dr Melanie Riwai-Couch, Tufulasi Taleni and Ally Bull, discuss the value of parent voice and some of the key findings of their recent research.

This includes how school-led learning at home is conceptualised and the experiences of Māori and Pasifika families over the period of school closures. They also will consider what we can learn from the past weeks about the value of home-school partnerships and what this means for schools moving forward. In particular, they urge schools to engage in true, bidirectional partnership with families, and to capture, engage with and utilise both student and parent voice.

To help you navigate the webinar easily, there is a list of the key topics covered in the session below, including the time each was discussed.

The key ideas discussed during the webinar are also shared in a short insight article.

Topics discussed in this webinar

Times shown in minutes and seconds from the start of the video

2.20Motivations for undertaking this research
4.10Overview of key findings from the report
6.51Decision to use the term ‘school-led learning at home’
9.06The range of participants included in the study
11.07The perspectives of parents of Maori students – positives, challenges and areas for improvement
13.49The perspectives of parents of Pasifika students – positives, challenges and areas for improvement
20.15Lessons and ideas for schools for approaching home-school partnerships
24.21Importance of challenging assumptions about learning at home
26.09Challenges to tikanga during the lockdown period 
27.20The need for positive relationships between schools and families
31.36Health and wellbeing of Pasifika families and children 
33.21Partnerships between home and school and depth of relationships
34.59Hope that period of disruption will enable continue learning and changes
36.54Collecting voice
38.45Working with Pasifika families and designing a local curriculum
41.45Four key takeaways and an invitation from Melanie
43.47Final thoughts from Tufulasi
44.43 Concluding thoughts from Ally

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