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Literacy expert Dr Christine Braid

Teaching children to read and write

Dr Christine Braid shares her vast knowledge and expertise around the processes involved in learning to read and write
Dr Chiara Horlin

Neurodiversity in education

Exploring the challenges that neurodiverse students face in schools and as they move on to tertiary education, as well as how teachers and schools can help to ameliorate these challenges
Dr Emily Berger and Dr Karen Martin

Trauma-aware and trauma-informed practice in schools

Trauma-informed practice at primary and secondary school level, including the key principles, strategies, and common barriers and solutions
Justine Munro and Madelaine Armstrong-Willcocks

Gifted education

Justine Munro and Madelaine Armstrong-Willcocks explore what is important and what works in gifted education and share insights from their work with the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education
Helen Walls

Teaching writing at primary school

Dr Helen Walls, classroom practitioner and researcher, will present the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of writing instruction, including the re-evaluation of some widely-accepted practices

What switches students on and off?

Professor Andrew Martin presents a guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly of student motivation

Literacy for secondary learning area teachers

Practical ways that secondary school teachers can use effective literacy approaches in their classroom teaching and learning programmes
Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Movement and learning in early primary

Exploring the role movement plays in brain development and how movement prepares children for the rigours of formal learning

The state of literacy webinar

The perilous state of literacy in New Zealand – The Education Hub launches its latest report with a panel discussion
Laraine Tuaputa and Angela Hogan

Stories of collective inquiry for curriculum and professional learning

Learn more about the way that teachers use inquiry as a tool for both children’s curriculum and professional learning at Kids' Domain
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