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Deanna Niha

ECE webinar: Bicultural leadership and practice in ECE

This session with Deanna Niha, from an ECE centre in Whangarei, discusses how her centre approaches bilingual and bicultural education and leadership

Schools webinar: What does the research say about homework at primary and secondary school?

Cathy shares a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise on how teachers and schools should be thinking about homework.
Louisa penfold on designing play spaces

ECE webinar: Designing play spaces for children using contemporary art

Dr. Louisa Penfold discusses why materials and aesthetics are important in children’s learning, and offers strategies for designing play spaces based on contemporary art practices.
Social-emotional competence webinar

ECE webinar: Promoting children’s social-emotional learning and development

Exploring different resources, tools, and professional learning processes to support teachers to promote children’s social-emotional learning
Webinar with Dr Sonja Arndt, Shahla Damoory and Kerry Petera

ECE webinar: Exploring relationships, collaboration and participation in diverse teaching teams

This webinar explores ways teachers might come together to harness the opportunities of diversity and relationships for the benefit of children and families.
David Blazar on instructional coaching

Schools webinar: Introducing instructional coaching in schools

Assistant Professor David Blazar from the US explains how instructional coaching is one of the most effective educational interventions
Cara Swit on bullying and aggression in ECE

ECE webinar: Bullying and aggression

This webinar explores how bullying develops in early childhood and how to spot it, activities and strategies to prevent bullying from occurring
Viviane Robinson on improving leadership

Schools webinar on leadership: Viviane Robinson on shifting the focus from change to improvement

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson discusses her recent book 'Reduce Change to Increase Improvement' ( Corwin, 2018)

ECE webinar: The importance of outdoor play and how to design outdoor spaces in...

A discussion on the importance of outdoor play for children's development and how to design outdoor spaces.
Lessons from lockdown webinar with Claire Amos and Louise Addison

Schools webinar: Lessons from lockdown – rethinking business as usual at secondary school

Two school principals discuss the key lessons that emerged from the lockdown period for their teachers, students and parents and how they have utilised what they’ve learned.