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Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Supporting children’s physical development from ages 0-7

Exploring the role movement plays in child development and how teachers can support children to be develop gross and fine motor skills
Lisa Darragh and Fiona Ell on teaching maths and statistics

Mathematics and statistics teaching at primary school

A discussion on the principles you can use to work out the form of your lessons, and mathematics and statistics programmes more broadly
Tracy Clelland on relationships and sexuality education

Relationships and sexuality education (RSE)

Explore the importance of relationships and sexuality eduation (RSE) across primary and secondary schools

Enabling student wellbeing and social-emotional learning

The wellbeing of our rangatahi is a notable priority of the New Zealand Government. Yet, New Zealand ranks 35th of 41 for child and adolescent wellbeing in developed countries
Sally Peters and Hazel Woodhouse on transitions in ECE

Transitions from ECE to school – Part 2

This webinar examines the Pathways section of Te Whāriki and its potential to support learning as children transition from early childhood education to school.
Trish and Fay Purdie-Nicholls discuss neurodiverse learners

Supporting neurodiverse learners to demonstrate their intellect and capability

Trish and Fay Purdie-Nicholls discuss the underpinning principles for teaching and leadership, and the core practices they have developed to enable neurodiverse learners to demonstrate their intellect and capability.
Assessment Lead/Science of Learning webinar

EBE information webinar: Assessment Lead and Science of Learning Programmes

View this online session with Professor Stuart Kime and current participants to learn more about the Assessment Lead and Science of Learning year-long programmes
Bridgette Towle and Shirlene Murphy

Building a culture of collaborative research and inquiry

Learn about Kids’ Domain’s culture of research and inquiry, which is strongly rooted in Te Whāriki and inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach
Tauhora College teachers on increasing engagement and motivation

Increasing Year 9 and 10 students’ engagement and motivation in STEM

Discover how two teachers used real-world problems drawn from their local community to engage students in collaborative problem-solving
Carmen Dalli and Karyn Aspden

What is specialist about infant and toddler practice?

Professor Carmen Dalli and Dr Karyn Aspden explore the key messages about the specialist nature of high quality infant and toddler practice
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