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Early musical learning

Watch Greta Bull-Crossan discuss ways musical play can be supported and empowered across infant, toddler and preschool age groups

Mana and kaitiakitanga in ECE

Dr Lesley Rameka explores how mana can be promoted through kaitiakitanga or active guardianship, as one way of meeting the practice expectations outlined in Te Whāriki
Laraine Tuaputa and Angela Hogan

Stories of collective inquiry for curriculum and professional learning

Learn more about the way that teachers use inquiry as a tool for both children’s curriculum and professional learning at Kids' Domain
Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Movement for learning: Q&A with Gill Connell

This webinar is a sequel to our 2021 webinar, exploring the role of movement in children’s learning and development, and how teachers can support children
Dr Madeleine Dobson

Trauma-informed early childhood education

Caring and trauma-informed approaches can make a world of difference to young children, their wellbeing, and their learning
Early transitions into, between and out of ECE: Inter-cultural dialogues

Early transitions into, between and out of ECE

This webinar speaks to earliest transitions in ECE as threads of significance in and across time
Sally Peters and Hazel Woodhouse on transitions in ECE

Transitions from ECE to school – Part 2

This webinar examines the Pathways section of Te Whāriki and its potential to support learning as children transition from early childhood education to school.
Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Supporting children’s physical development from ages 0-7

Exploring the role movement plays in child development and how teachers can support children to be develop gross and fine motor skills

Embedding Samoan indigenous philosophy in ECE

This panel discussion is based upon a two-year TLRI (Teaching and Learning Research Initiative) study that aims to develop New Zealand’s first Samoan indigenous framework for Samoan infant and toddler pedagogy in early childhood education
Anna Winneker

Preventing and responding to challenging behaviour in young children

Dr Anna Winneker will focus on strategies to understand why particular behaviour may be happening and how to prevent and respond to incidents when they occur
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