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Promoting children’s risky play in outdoor learning environments

The characteristics and benefits of risky play, and how to design spaces and programmes to promote it.

Outdoor learning environments in ECE

Designing outdoor spaces in ECE that support children’s opportunities to learn and develop through many kinds of outdoor play.

Number skills: symbolic relations and combinations (combining and comparing symbolic number representations)

Symbolic magnitude comparison and adding and subtracting quantities using number words or written numerals

Repeating pattern skills

Fixing, copying, extending and abstracting patterns
Spatial skills

Spatial skills

Learn how to identify and guide spatial visualisation, form perception and visual/spatial working memory

An introduction to supporting early maths in ECE

How to recognise and develop children’s early interest in and enthusiasm for maths in early childhood settings.

Te Whāriki: An introduction to the early childhood curriculum in Aotearoa New Zealand

A brief introduction to the structure, aims and values of New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.

Communication strand | Mana Reo

An introduction to the wide range of skills that encompass the communcation strand, and strategies for supporting the development of children’s communication.

Belonging strand | Mana whenua

The benefits of attending to young children’s sense of belonging and features of practice that support and develop it.

Exploration strand | Mana Āoturoa

The key skills involved in the exploration strand and how to support and enable them.