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Number skills: symbolic (understanding written numerals and number words)

A closer look at rote counting/ordinal relations and numerical identification

Number skills: non-symbolic relations & combinations (comparing and combining sets of objects)

How to spot and check understanding of magnitude comparison and simple arithmetic

Where to start when assessing children’s communication skills in ECE

Why assessing communicative interactions in ECE settings is critical to supporting children’s learning and development, and some strategies for how to do it.

Supporting children and their families through the transition to school

Practical ways that ECE and primary school teachers can help ensure that the transition to school is a positive and successful experience for children and their families.

What to try when building partnership with families is challenging

A taxonomy to help you reflect on partnership practice at your ECE setting.

Common partnership challenges and how to address them

Ideas and strategies to help you troubleshoot your partnership practice.

13 ideas and activities for promoting partnership in early childhood settings

A set of practical strategies that can be used to develop partnerships with parents and whanau in ECE.

Principles for parent partnership: A four-step approach

Four key principles from the research on building parent partnership in ECE.

What is parent partnership?

A brief overview of the research on parent partnership in ECE.

The Steiner approach

A description of some of the key principles underpinning Steiner education.