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Exploration strand | Mana Āoturoa

The key skills involved in the exploration strand and how to support and enable them.

Contribution strand | Mana Tangata

The main ideas underpinning the contribution strand and how to build and enable children’s contribution in early childhood settings.

Principle of Family and Community | Whānau Tangata

An overview of the principle of family and community and strategies for building meaningful relationships with families.

Wellbeing strand | Mana Atua

The key concepts underpinning the wellbeing strand of Te Whāriki and practices for supporting children’s wellbeing in early childhood settings.

Principle of Holistic Development | Kotahitanga

An overview of the different aspects of children’s learning and development that contribute to their holistic development.

Principle of Relationships | Ngā Hononga

An introduction to the principle of relationships and their crucial role in early childhood education.

Principle of Empowerment | Whakamana

An introduction to the principle of empowerment and some specific practices for empowering young children and their families.

Putting relationships centre-stage: Strategies for developing positive relationships with children

The importance of relationships to children’s wellbeing, learning and development, and some strategies for building strong, reciprocal relationships with children in ECE settings.

What do I need to know to implement Te Whāriki 2017?

An overview of the key changes to the 2017 update of Te Whāriki and what they mean for practice.