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Helen Walls

Teaching writing at primary school

Dr Helen Walls, classroom practitioner and researcher, will present the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of writing instruction, including the re-evaluation of some widely-accepted practices

Early musical learning

Watch Greta Bull-Crossan discuss ways musical play can be supported and empowered across infant, toddler and preschool age groups

Literacy for secondary learning area teachers

Practical ways that secondary school teachers can use effective literacy approaches in their classroom teaching and learning programmes

The state of literacy webinar

The perilous state of literacy in New Zealand – The Education Hub launches its latest report with a panel discussion
Lisa Darragh and Fiona Ell on teaching maths and statistics

Mathematics and statistics teaching at primary school

A discussion on the principles you can use to work out the form of your lessons, and mathematics and statistics programmes more broadly
Anna Winneker

Preventing and responding to challenging behaviour in young children

Dr Anna Winneker will focus on strategies to understand why particular behaviour may be happening and how to prevent and respond to incidents when they occur
Claire McLachlan

Fostering literacy in early years settings

Claire McLachlan from Federation University Australia explores how literacy can be fostered in early childhood settings
Trudi Browne and Nic Rickard on Tracy

Increasing akonga oral language confidence and competence

Trudi Browne and Nic Rickard from Burnside School present this webinar, and discuss how a collaborative, whole school approach to oral language professional learning led to significant changes in akonga oral communication confidence and competence.
Sarah Probine and Jacqui Lees

Practical ideas for enhancing visual arts in your centre

Dr Sarah Probine (Manukau Institute of Technology) and Jacqui Lees (of Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten) discuss how rich visual arts practices can be developed through collaboration and creativity
Louisa penfold on designing play spaces

Designing play spaces for children using contemporary art

Dr. Louisa Penfold discusses why materials and aesthetics are important in children’s learning, and offers strategies for designing play spaces based on contemporary art practices.
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