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Literacy: Why it matters

The importance of literacy is promoting a wide range of outcomes in education and beyond

Using social media to support the transition from ECE to school

Innovative ways to use Facebook and other social media tools to support the transition to school.

The value of mentoring for teacher learning

An introduction to the research on mentoring and its benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Guidance for mentors

The key principles of effective mentoring and how to use them in practice.

Questions and tools for establishing mentoring relationships

How to build trusting relationships and establish roles and responsibilities in mentoring partnerships.

Questions to use during mentoring conversations

A set of questions to help structure and guide productive mentoring conversations.

The features and benefits of online PLCs

An introduction to online PLCs with suggestions for effective implementation and participation.

Theories of early literacy development

An overview of the key theories that describe how children develop the language and cognitive skills that underpin the process of reading and writing

Literacy and assessment

Understanding what to measure and how and why to measure it when evaluating students’ learning in early reading and writing

The pedagogy of reading

An overview of the key principles in teaching early reading
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