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Supporting students to develop effective study skills

A guide to help teachers support their students to develop good study habits, use effective learning strategies, and stay motivated while working independently.

An introduction to curriculum integration

A brief history of curriculum integration, the theory underpinning it, and the key principles to bear in mind when implementing it.

Bullying in primary school

An introduction to the kinds of behaviours that constitute bullying in primary school-aged children, and some strategies for addressing and preventing them.

Using student voice for assessment and inquiry

How teachers and schools can utilise student voice to support assessment and inquiry

Supporting children with autism spectrum disorder using a visual scheduling tool

A visual scheduling tool designed to help parents and teachers of children with ASD support their learning and wellbeing.

Student voice collection tool

A tool to support teachers and schools to think about how well they currently are supporting their students and their learning and to identify areas for improvement

Homework for secondary school students

An overview of research-based approaches to setting high-quality homework for secondary school students that is effective and purposeful.

Emotional and behavioural disorders

An overview of some of the most common emotional and behavioural disorders experienced by school students, and strategies that schools and classroom teachers can use to support these students.

Executive function in primary school

An overview of executive function, why it’s important, and how it can be supported and developed at primary school.

An introduction to instructional coaching

The benefits of instructional coaching as form of teacher professional development and some key considerations when implementing an instructional coaching programme.