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Trauma-informed practice in primary & secondary schools

Introducing trauma-informed approaches in schools

What is trauma-informed practice?

The key principles of trauma-informed practice, and why it is so important.

An introduction to trauma-informed practice for culturally and linguistically diverse groups

First Nations peoples and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups (including refugees) face unique issues and stressors that impact their emotions, learning, behaviour, and...

Childhood trauma and its impact

An introduction to childhood trauma and the serious and lasting effects it can have.

Music education in schools

An overview of music as an academic subject and its place in the curriculum.

A brief history of music education in New Zealand

Music in the New Zealand curriculum and the changes to how it has been taught and assessed.

An introduction to music in the primary school curriculum for non-specialist teachers

A guide to the key principles of teaching music in primary school.

An introduction to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

How fetal alcohol spectrum disorder affects children and young people, and the implications it has for students at school and in life.

Strategies for supporting students with FASD

A set of approaches and strategies for promoting the wellbeing and achievement of students with FASD at school.

Games and activities for promoting executive function in lower primary school

A closer look at some strategies for helping students in Years 1-4 develop their executive function skills.
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