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Emotional and behavioural disorders

An overview of some of the most common emotional and behavioural disorders experienced by school students, and strategies that schools and classroom teachers can use to support these students.

Executive function in primary school

An overview of executive function, why it’s important, and how it can be supported and developed at primary school.

An introduction to instructional coaching

The benefits of instructional coaching as form of teacher professional development and some key considerations when implementing an instructional coaching programme.

Neurodiversity: An overview

An explanation of the concept of neurodiversity as a strengths-based approach to learning differences, and an introduction to some of the different forms of neurodiversity.

The transition to secondary school

An overview of the research on the transition from primary to secondary school, and how schools and families can support students through the challenges and opportunities that this transition creates.

An introduction to gifted and talented education

An overview of the different definitions and understandings of giftedness, along with a set of strategies that schools and teachers can use to better support gifted and talented students.

Homework for primary school students

A summary of the evidence about whether or not primary school students should do homework, how much is appropriate, and what kinds of tasks and activities should be set as homework.
School bullying research

What is bullying?

A guide to understanding what differentiates bullying from other mean and hurtful behaviours, and myths about bullying busted.

Pillars of sound educational assessment

An overview of the principles of validity, reliability and fairness that should underpin all educational assessment.

Resources to support learning in key curriculum areas

Links to a number of websites with resources in different curriculum areas.