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Mana-inspired leadership for bicultural teaching and learning in ECE

Key insights from ECE leader Deanna Niha on bicultural practice and leadership

Integrating Te Tiriti o Waitangi with the superdiversity of ECE in Aotearoa New Zealand

Key insights from the webinar with Jenny Ritchie and Angel Chan on supporting and working with families from a range of cultural backgrounds in early childhood settings

Key insights on homework from Cathy Vatterott

Useful guidelines on whether or not to set homework, how much to set, and how to design high quality homework tasks.

A brief overview of how to improve children’s social and emotional learning in your...

The key ideas from our webinar with Dr Tara McLaughlin and Karen MacKay on social-emotional learning

Wellbeing and self-compassion: key ideas from our webinar with Dr Natalie Flynn

Advice from clinical psychologist Dr Natalie Flynn on maintaining the wellbeing of teachers, parents and students during lockdown and beyond
Bullying in an ECE centre

Bullying and aggression in ECE – what teachers need to know

Key ideas for teachers discussed in our bullying and aggression in ECE webinar with Dr Cara Swit.

The power of outdoor play for children

Why outdoor play is so beneficial for children and how to incorporate risky play in ECE

Lessons from lockdown: Engaging in true partnership with Māori and Pasifika families

The key ideas discussed during our webinar discussing the recent report: the report School-led learning at home: The voices of parents of Māori and Pasifika students

Harnessing and enhancing assessment in schools: key ideas from Professor Stuart Kime’s webinar

Key ideas on effective assessment practice in schools from Stuart Kime's webinar
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