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Mana and kaitiakitanga in ECE

Dr Lesley Rameka explores how mana can be promoted through kaitiakitanga or active guardianship, as one way of meeting the practice expectations outlined in Te Whāriki
Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Movement for learning: Q&A with Gill Connell

This webinar is a sequel to our 2021 webinar, exploring the role of movement in children’s learning and development, and how teachers can support children
Gill Connell on movement for developing motor skills

Supporting children’s physical development from ages 0-7

Exploring the role movement plays in child development and how teachers can support children to be develop gross and fine motor skills

Embedding Samoan indigenous philosophy in ECE

This panel discussion is based upon a two-year TLRI (Teaching and Learning Research Initiative) study that aims to develop New Zealand’s first Samoan indigenous framework for Samoan infant and toddler pedagogy in early childhood education
Carmen Dalli and Karyn Aspden

What is specialist about infant and toddler practice?

Professor Carmen Dalli and Dr Karyn Aspden explore the key messages about the specialist nature of high quality infant and toddler practice
Deanna Niha

Bicultural leadership and practice in ECE

This session with Deanna Niha, from an ECE centre in Whangarei, discusses how her centre approaches bilingual and bicultural education and leadership

The importance of outdoor play in ECE

A discussion on the importance of outdoor play for children's development and how to design outdoor spaces.
Intentional teaching

Intentional teaching and investigations; Daisies part two

Discover and learn about intentional teaching through the investigation process. Hear examples of investigations at Daisies, and what helped them flow
Leon Straker and Suzy Edwards webinar

Young children and digital technologies

Professors Suzy Edwards and Leon Straker discuss their Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies, including current research and practice-advice for educators and families.

Intentional teaching and sustained shared thinking

Sue Cherrington and Tara McLauglin discuss how ECE teachers can be intentional in their teaching, with a particular focus on the concept of sustained shared thinking.
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