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What have we learned from lockdown?

Lessons from Lockdown

Describe your experiences of lockdown – and have the chance to win $500 for your school library!

International holidays

An activity that explores different cultures, customs and traditions by looking at the many holidays celebrated around the world.

Dances around the world/Music to my Heart

An activity that combines the social sciences with music and the arts by exploring songs and dances from around the world.

Games from around the world

Students in other countries: An activity that explores cultures and traditions from around the world by looking at the games people play.

Cloud shapes

SCIENCE: An activity that investigates natural resources and the water cycle through a study of clouds.

Feeding the birds

SCIENCE: An ideal activity for home-based learning that focuses on the diet and habit of birds.

Soil stories – separating soil and estimating soil texture

SCIENCE: An activity that explores natural features and resources through an examination of the composition of soil.

STEM Online NZ

A free, interactive teaching and learning resource for NCEA external achievement standards in mathematics and physics.
Flower artists

Flower artists

SCIENCE: An activity that encourages examining and learning more about flowers

Find my plant

A fun game to play while out exploring nature that will really get your child observing!
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