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“Continue with your excellent work. I get feedback that student teachers love it too.”

Advanced Skills Teacher

“I LOVE your work. It is super useful as an AST in a large COL, The Education Hub is a springboard for my own...

Intermediate school teacher

“Appreciate the diverse range of resources on offer!”

Education consultant

“The Education Hub is a gem and I recommend it to all schools I work with.”

Head of Department

“The resources and support provided by The Education Hub are greatly appreciated. As an HOD in a small school, in a small department usually...

School leader

“The Hub articles have been really useful and provided conversations for staff meetings and provocations for teachers. Thank you - great work and food...

Teacher (primary)

“Articles are always well considered and written. I enjoy the content; it’s a superb resources for teachers”

New entrant teacher

"I love this site!! I love everything you do for us educators, professional leaders and whanau. I loved this site during my studies last...

Deputy Principal

“I really value the Education Hub as a non-partisan (and non-reactionary) force for building consensus around what works and what matters in (New Zealand)...

Professional development provider

“Keep up the great mahi, I would struggle to have conversations with teachers about current pedagogy without you!”
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