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Why our schools need both Apollo and Dionysus

The importance of supporting students to utilise knowledge creatively and flexibly.

Play in schools: what we know, growing concerns, and a possible route forward

What does the research tell us about the role of play in schools

Knowledge, the curriculum and E. D. Hirsch’s latest book

What role does knowledge play in curriculum and the broader purpose of schooling?

Countering common misconceptions about cognitive perspectives of learning

Exploring some common misconceptions about cognitive perspectives of learning and associated pedagogical practices

What teachers should know about knowledge and learning

Key ideas from the cognitive science literature for teachers at the start of a new school year.

Reflections on New Zealand’s Education Delusion

Exploring the key ideas in the recent New Zealand Initiative report on New Zealand's schooling system.

Beyond teaching philosophy: why memory is so important for all learning

Memory and memorisation get rather a bad rap in education. Memorisation frequently is associated with rote learning, students passively listening to lectures, and generally...

Muttonbirds and seven continents; the place of knowledge in the New Zealand Curriculum

Exploring issues and questions about the role of knowledge in the New Zealand Curriculum

Playing with knowledge: towards a broader conceptualisation of play in New Zealand schools

How can play support and enhance academic subjects and promote the types of deeper learning we want to develop in our schools?

A[nother] case for teaching knowledge: a book review

By Dr Nina Hood When I mention to people outside of education that the role of knowledge in education is something of a controversial topic,...
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