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What teachers should know about knowledge and learning

Key ideas from the cognitive science literature for teachers at the start of a new school year.

The role of social connection, self-regulation and motivation in student achievement and wellbeing

Key insights from Claire Chuter on how to support and promote students’ social emotional learning.

Key insights on homework from Cathy Vatterott

Useful guidelines on whether or not to set homework, how much to set, and how to design high quality homework tasks.

Problems of practice: The teaching and learning priorities of New Zealand school teachers

Summary of Education Hub research on what New Zealand teachers consider to be their greatest teaching and learning challenges.

The unanswered questions of educational research

Exploring John Hattie's agenda for education research in New Zealand from 2002.

Being open to the possibility of different approaches in education

Why education requires nuance and an openness to the possibility that there is not just one way of doing things.

What actually is happening in New Zealand schools?

Exploring whether there's enough empirical evidence demonstrating how New Zealand schools currently are implementing the Curriculum.

Reflections on New Zealand’s Education Delusion

Exploring the key ideas in the recent New Zealand Initiative report on New Zealand's schooling system.

Key insights on strategic leadership from Linda Bendikson

The highlights from Linda Bendikson’s webinar on leading strategically in educational settings.

Reducing change to increase improvement

The key insights from our webinar with Viviane Robinson on leadership for improvement.