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Promoting effective literacy practices at secondary school

Key insights from our webinar with Irene Anderson and Jennifer Glenn on teaching reading and writing across subject areas in secondary schools.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of student motivation

Key insights from the highly practical and informative webinar with Professor Andrew Martin on student motivation and engagement

Teaching writing at primary school

A summary of some of the key insight's from Helen Wall's highly informative webinar on teaching writing

What to consider when designing mathematics programmes in primary school

A summary of the key insights from the webinar on primary school mathematics, with Fiona Ell and Lisa Darragh

Students need to move to learn

Key insights from our webinar with Gill Connell on the importance of movement for learning.

Reflecting on our state of literacy in Aotearoa New Zealand webinar

Exploring the need for open, constructive dialogue to improve literacy achievement in New Zealand

The state of literacy; how bad are things and why does it matter?

What the research says about current literacy levels in New Zealand

Addressing the literacy crisis; what needs to happen?

How to improve literacy in New Zealand

Supporting parents and whānau to rethink RSE 

Advice from RSE expert Tracy Clelland from the University of Canterbury on having conversations with parents and families about supporting RSE at home.

Supporting neurodiverse learners to succeed and thrive in inclusive classrooms

Bright Spots winners Trish and Fay Purdie-Nicholls from Coromandel Area School share the key findings from their research
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