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What is the place of the key competencies in New Zealand’s curriculum?

Why key competencies need to be integrated with content knowledge

Some considerations around the science of learning

Why a broad engagement with the science of learning is important

The science of learning; The most important thing for school leaders to know about

Why everyone needs to know about the science of learning

Why our schools need both Apollo and Dionysus

The importance of supporting students to utilise knowledge creatively and flexibly.

Learning from things schools get wrong

Ideas arising from Jared Cooney Horvath's latest book 10 things schools get wrong.

Countering common misconceptions about cognitive perspectives of learning

Exploring some common misconceptions about cognitive perspectives of learning and associated pedagogical practices

What teachers should know about knowledge and learning

Key ideas from the cognitive science literature for teachers at the start of a new school year.

Reflections on New Zealand’s Education Delusion

Exploring the key ideas in the recent New Zealand Initiative report on New Zealand's schooling system.

The role of research in professional learning – the Art and Science of Learning...

Nina discusses the importance and challenges of research informing professional development in schools.

Beyond teaching philosophy: why memory is so important for all learning

Memory and memorisation get rather a bad rap in education. Memorisation frequently is associated with rote learning, students passively listening to lectures, and generally...
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