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The unanswered questions of educational research

Exploring John Hattie's agenda for education research in New Zealand from 2002.

Why research? Exploring the reasons for The Education Hub’s raison d’être

At the start of a new school year, Nina reflects on the aspirations of The Education Hub and why research is so important for teachers and schools and ECE centres.

Why innovation and research in education need each other

How could research programmes more effectively support the design and development of innovative teaching approaches and new educational programmes
equity imperative

The equity imperative: how should we report on educational research?

The role educational research must play in calling out the inherent, stubborn inequities in our education system as unacceptable and commit to working to eradicate them
research 5 myths

The research behind our ‘Five Myths’ article

Where does the research behind the 'five myths' actually come from?
insight slide

6 challenges facing knowledge translation work in education

The challenges facing researchers, knowledge brokers and teachers when engaging with knowledge translation

Graeme Aitken’s speech at launch

Professor Graeme Aitken reflects on why an organisation with the mission of The Education Hub is needed in the New Zealand context

Digital technologies and research

Some thoughts on technology both as a pedagogical tool and a curriculum subject
Nine to Noon

Education Hub director Nina Hood talks with Nine to Noon’s Kathryn Ryan

The Education Hub director Dr Nina Hood spoke with RNZ’s Kathryn Ryan, saying that teachers are isolated and find it hard to keep up to date with the...
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