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Activity ideas for toddlers

A series of fun and easy activities that you can do with your toddler.

Colour swatches from nature

An activity to encourage careful observation, comparison and investigation outdoors, either in your back garden or out on a walk.

Edible constructions

Bring a playful element to snack time by challenging your child’s creativity and construction skills

Scavenger hunt series

This is a simple idea that you can vary in so many ways, and practise lots of different concepts and ideas at the same time

Build a balloon-powered lego car

Build and race lego cars with this idea that invites plenty of design and engineering and encourages a variety of different possible solutions

Story time! Great stories available as audiobooks for your children

Reading books with your child is an incredibly powerful way of supporting your child’s learning. We’ve put together a list of stories that are available as audiobooks (one for each day of the week) that we think make for great listening

Ice sculpture

Playing with ice offers children a lot of potential for exploration, experimentation and physical manipulation and the fun lasts until the ice is all melted

Playdough many different ways!

A staple for play, playdough appeals to a wide range of ages and has unlimited potential for creative expression.

Edible float and sink experiment

A fun activity for predicting and experimenting as well as an opportunity to explore some complex scientific concepts, and afterwards, you get to eat the materials!
nature walk

I notice, I wonder, it reminds me of…

Get outside and into nature regularly, with nature study ideas to focus your observations and learning.
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