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Insight: How ECE teachers can help parents through the transition to school


One of the most important factors in a positive and successful transition is ensuring a good level of communication between children, families, ECE settings and primary schools. There are a number of practical ways that ECE settings and teachers can help parents support their children through the transition to school process.  

  • Be available to discuss the child’s social and emotional readiness for school 
  • Reassure parents that their child does not need to attain a particular level of academic readiness for school 
  • Allow plenty of time for the process – some children take longer than others to prepare for and adjust to change 
  • Let parents know if other children from the setting may be starting at the same school at a similar time – parents may wish to consider having the children start school together 
  • Encourage parents to try not to make the transition process too easy for children – a manageable amount of challenge and uncertainty helps children build their resilience 
  • Where the child has known special educational needs, encourage parents to request a meeting of all stakeholders 
  • Be prepared to attend a before-school visit with the child to create connections between learning environments 
  • Encourage children to take their portfolios when they attend before-school visits or when they start school so they can share their learning with their new teacher 
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