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Neurodiversity 7 & 8


Notes and reflections from Part 7: Understanding dysregulation and responding to challenging events 

Reframing challenging behaviour

Think back over what you have learned in this part so far and in the rest of the course as a whole.  

When and why challenging behaviour may occur

Think again about the students in your class.

Understanding emotional regulation

Strategies for promoting emotional regulation

Managing challenging events

Class profile activity

Drawing on UDL, plan to explicitly teach your class about self-regulation and some skills they might use, as part of an upcoming lesson or activity. You might like to start by teaching your students about regulation, perhaps using the zones of regulation or some other way they can measure their own level of regulation, to provide a shared vocabulary for checking in and reminding students about the supports that are available. For older students, this activity might be related to reflective writing or journalling. Talking about what level of regulation students experience, how this varies in different contexts, and what they do to help regulate themselves is useful for all students. If this is something already quite familiar to your class, use this activity as an opportunity to reflect again and review how well regulation supports are working for your class. Again, draw on UDL principles to ensure that it is readily accessible to all students. 

Options for Engagement Options for Representation/Input Options for Action and Expression/Output

Notes and reflections from Part 8: The importance of teacher wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing

Customised Language Approved Examples 
Level 1—Immediate
Level 2—Emergent 
Level 3—Urgent
Level 4—Relevant
Level 5—Flexible

Shared Workflow

Think about the different ways that you might share tasks related to supporting neurodivergent students with other teachers. Every educational environment will vary in staff size, budget allocations, space availability, and many other factors influencing the choices that teachers make. 

Begin to think about what shared workflow might be ideal for your team. Consider the pros and cons of trying to create an off-week.  

Emotional boundaries

Use the following three prompts to weigh the assets and liabilities associated with your chosen task quantitatively and by importance. This provides further insight into the likelihood of positive progress. 

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