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We are here to help you to identify and use research in your teaching, and to support you in developing and sharing your ideas.

Whether you want information for a specific project, or you want support to address a particular challenge in the classroom, simply look in the Resources menu for the broad topic you’re interested in. You’ll find educational research and practical information that will help you improve your teaching practice.

And if we don’t have information on the subject you’re looking for, just email us and we can add it to our schedule.

About The Education Hub

The Education Hub exists to improve opportunities and outcomes for students in New Zealand by bridging the gap between research and teaching. To do this, we provide teachers with easy access to all the great research that is taking place in our universities, so they can use it in the classroom to inform their teaching practice. We also support teachers to identify, capture and share innovative practices so that everyone can benefit.

We provide free access to

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Working together to

Deepen knowledge

by giving you access to reliable, relevant and practicable research evidence

Generate discussion

by inspiring new conversations between colleagues to drive innovation in education

Prioritise action

by identifying high-leverage strategies and effective practices

Support improvement

by connecting teachers to research on effective practice

Improve outcomes

by encouraging and sharing innovation and effective practice

Revitalise teaching

by positioning teaching as a learning and learned profession

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