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Virtual meeting protocols

Protocols to follow when hosting virtual meetings with staff.

Advice for principals on how to support teacher wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown

Guidance for how to support teacher wellbeing during remote working

Advice for teachers on looking after your wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown

When working in a new way, it is vital that teachers look after their own wellbeing.

The importance of play for wellbeing and learning at all ages

An introduction to the different types of play and their extensive benefits for children’s emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.

Establishing the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders

Establishing and communicating explicit expectations for the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders in a school community is essential

Three instructional models for remote learning

There are three potential models for distance learning for schools to consider.

Questions and actions to guide the planning of teaching and learning for a school closure

It is important to ask the right questions and take beneficial actions when planning teaching and learning during a school closure.

Establishing policies and processes for remote working: considerations for leaders

It is important for senior leaders to establish clear policies, expectations and guidance for their staff around remote working.

Lessons from lockdown: initial questions and considerations for schools and education

What are the ideas, lessons and opportunities for schools and education emerging from this lock down period?


Learning from lockdown – the voices of parents of Māori and Pasifika students

Authors of the report School-led learning at home: The voices of parents of Maori and Pasifika students will discuss the value of parent voice and some of the key findings of their recent research

Approaching online learning in primary schools

Learn how one primary school has structured their online and distance learning, including their approach to pedagogy, the curriculum, and wellbeing, as well as their daily schedule and use of technology

Supporting the wellbeing of teachers, students and parents

Clinical psychologist and Parentland co-founder Dr Natalie Flynn discussed the research behind the importance of supporting wellbeing right now, as well as practical strategies to support mental health.

Student motivation and engagement when learning from home

Harry Fletcher-Wood discusses the research on motivation and engagement as well as practical techniques teachers and school leaders can use to increase student engagement.



Learning from Lockdown

The Education Hub’s exclusive research uncovers the experiences of teachers, students and parents while learning at home during school closures.

"The teaching community relies on The Education Hub for reliable, evidence-based information – thanks so much for everything you're doing at this time of unprecedented change!"

Jenny, principal
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